Meeting the expectations of our customers with the emphasis always on quality.

A company with a human touch, we wanted to create a flexible, independent and reactive structure to ensure we would be available to listen to our customers and be attentive to their needs.
As well as these values and this company dynamic, we have formalised these commitments through a global quality process, which has already reaped its own rewards in the shape of product certification. Quality and customer satisfaction are at the root of our company's thinking.

Providing the best conditions for technical supplies.

Driven by a policy based on ongoing investment and a fully autonomous internal maintenance and upkeep programme, our machinery comprises a vital asset for ensuring we are able to provide technical know-how, innovation and precision. Because your own customer requirements are the same as our own, the knowledge base and abilities of Dôme Plastiques are constantly evolving.

Total expertise for all plastic injection processes.

From design to end production, we always provide our customers with total expertise for all the stages involved in plastic injection, involving study, design, production, inspection and maintenance.
Our 40 years of experience provide unparalleled expertise and reliability in plastic injection.

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